The Big American Road-Trip

AKA, The BAR –


Two people, (me and Mr.C), two flights, seven states, nine cities and 1,741 miles of driving. What a trip, but lets rewind to the beginning….

We found the most amazingly cheap flights, London to Washington, Chicago to London. So we think what better way to get to Chicago but drive. After a wonderful Christmas, the 27th December was here, we jumped into a taxi and headed to Heathrow. Now I really enjoy Heathrow for many reasons, but number one is the lounge. Free food and free drinks including alcohol!! Just another perk of Mr.C.

I have only ever been to the lounge once, but now I really feel like I suit this place. I can wander around enjoying as many pain au chocolates as I like with no judgement, or worries about cost. Because like I said, it’s FREE. Needless to say I totally over eat and am a touch tipsy when we come to board. Oh and then we only go and get upgraded …. you guessed it, Mr.C is quite the loyal customer to British Airways.

“Would you like some sparkling wine madam?” Errr yes I do, even though I have consumed enough alcohol, (my thought process is that it would seem rude if I said no, plus I love to exceed my limitations) one more before take off won’t hurt. They bring the food menu, I choose the fillet of beef, and he orders the chicken. It’s at this point I worry that the food will be coming immediately and I might not have room, due to all the pastry eating.


I know I sound like I have never been on a plane before, but if you don’t count the time I was moved to a different colour headrest on a flight to Manilla, this really is my only ever upgrade! We lounge back enjoying the comfort of space and extra leg room. Eight hours pass, several films (me realising the BFG film really isn’t great and not a fraction as imaginative as the book), we drink a lot. I wander to economy to see what we would of had, gently smile to myself,  then close the separation curtain.

It was a very lovely flight, next thing you know we are at passport control where it takes several attempts to get a fingerprint from my thumb (who knew thumb sucking diminished your fingerprints).

This is it, let the adventure begin, Washington D.C.!

We arrive at The Mayflower hotel, wonderful entrance with Christmas tree adorned walkways. The room is comfortable, view isn’t great but the bed is incredible, prompting the ever familiar conversation that we should invest in a new bed. Bags dumped, quick change and we are off to explore our first city.




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