The BAR – St.Louis

From Graceland it was off to St. Louis!

We began our journey upwards in the car, and crossed another state line. We stop for breakfast/early lunch at a classic and super fun drive through. You drive in to a stand, the food is brought out to you and you eat in the car. To Americans this probably seems perfectly everyday, but for us it was a touch of classic drive thru Americana.The drive was only a few hours after our stop and as we near St. Louis fog begins to descend.

We chose to stay in a Marriott, a little treat and by god was it a treat. Thanks to Mr.C being platinum status we get upgraded to a suite. Eek! The room has a living room in it, two doors on the bathroom and the largest bed I have ever seen. I jump on the bed immediately and gush about its luxury. Mr.C is quick to tell me we should get ready and head out; we didn’t stop for food on the way as we wanted the famous St. Louis wings. But there’s no way I can move not now I have felt the comfort of this bed. So I make Mr.C sit of the bed and that was it he was then fully indulged in the most comfortable bed ever! We laid in silence and happiness for 20 minutes before we finally got up and got ready. I still need to write to the hotel and ask for the bed manufacturer, – I am quite aware my love of beds is out of control!

So into the city we head, first stop the Hilton roof top bar, Three Sixty. We were aware of an ice hockey game that is on tonight so found this bar and thought we might get to hear some of the atmosphere, but it had already finished. In a way it would have made no difference, when we step out onto the outdoor balcony of the 360 bar, you could not see you hand in front of your face through fog. It blocked the whole stadium view from above. It didn’t stop us enjoying a few drinks but did prevent some photos.

The next to see in St. Louis is the arch. We had heard that you can take a lift to the top and the views are great. Quite prepared for a poor view given the fog we head off to the arch anyway, only to find this too is under maintenance. I’m rather annoyed but Mr.C seems to think it is the perfect time of year for maintenance and fails to see the current disruption to us. None the less we walk the complete perimeter of this arch, marvelling at the sheer size of it. It is a stunning piece of architecture.

With little more to see we decide to head to some bars choosing to take an alternate route to the one that brought us to the arch. There’s a clear sign stating the sidewalk is closed but it doesn’t look closed. I tell Mr.C it will be fine, he worries that we will get told off for using it when closed but I assure him we can use the tourist card, so we step over the sign and begin to walk up to the side walk. Turns out the side walk is indeed closed further up and before we know it, we are trapped inside a series of metal fences that are 8ft tall. Being the lazy people that we are and in desperate need of a drink we look for an exit that doesn’t involve walking the mile back from where we came. I spot a rip in the fence to the right. Our shoes muddied with the construction site I head for the gap and squeeze myself through. I pitifully attempt to widen it for Mr.C but there was no need and he squeezes through by doing a weird limbo come squat walk style manoeuvre. We laugh about it, he proceeds to tell me that signs are there for a reason, but we do eventually find a huge bar. Yay!

This is strange place, exceptional in size with a marquee style entrance/smoking lounge through to a club. The people here are eclectic. Apparently it isn’t the sort of place you order a wine, I discover this after ordering one and the barmaid had to walk next door to get me to wine. The music is urban hip hop but the people are all wearing the hockey jerseys so the mix doesn’t quite seem to match.

There’s a group of four people dancing alone on a huge dance floor which are quite distracting. I find myself people watching and having to describe what is happening to Mr.C so that he doesn’t turn around and make it obvious that I am staring at them. After declaring I can watch no more and deciding that they are swingers we leave to find a more desirable place. We walk through the quite streets of St. Louis and end up back at our hotel which is actually rather busy. Finally we enjoy the famous wings, and boy was they worth the wait. We spend a few hours at the bar; the staff are friendly as are the patrons and the service is good. Finally retiring to our suite, were I note that the bath doesn’t match the rest of the room in grandeur.

All in all St. Louis was lovely. I wouldn’t write home about it but it was a good laugh and I only wish that we been able to enjoy the trip up to the top of the arch or to have more visibility, aka better weather. I don’t think we will return here and wouldn’t say go out of your way to visit, but as stop gap it was a suitably good night.


We sleep well and St. Louis has brought us to a point where we can join Route 66, hello bucket list!!


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