So this is me…. standing on a ledge with snow falling all around me in splendid Geneva. I think it is fair to call myself a fool. I like to laugh a lot, enjoy good food and seek adventure. But my true love, well that is the world! I vowed never to go to the same place twice as there is so much to see and such little time, I have since retracted this statement. Once in while you can’t help but fool in love with a place, it is those places that will forever remain in my heart. What else is in my heart. Well books. Pages upon pages of stories people unleash from their mind that can translate in anyway your heart chooses them to.

So here I am finally about to start this journey of sharing my story with you all. Now I say this blog is about travel and books but it will also contain a lot about a boy, Mr. C. He will feature quite heavily in my tales as he is also a fool, and he has part of my heart so we are intrinsically entwined now. Kind of a package deal, hope you don’t mind. I do promise he is fabulous if that helps.

So lets start fooling around shall we and see where we end up.